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Cookie Policy

  1. General remarks

ESG-AM AG (“ESGAM,” “we,” or “us”) enormously appreciate your visit to this website/app and your interest in our services. The protection of your data is important to us, and we want you to be able to use our website, apps, and services without reservations. ESGAM sets great store on handling your personal data responsibly, in accordance with the legal requirements.

This page tells you how we can set and read cookies, similar technologies, and device identifiers (collectively “cookies”) when you use our websites, apps and services (such as advertising services, products, services, brands, platforms, technologies) or visit a website, app, or service that uses our services. Further information on how we handle your data can be found in our Privacy Policy.


  1. What are cookies, similar technologies and device identifier?

Cookies are text files that are stored on your electronic device when you visit a website or app or use our services. Similar technologies principally include methods to recognize website, app, or service users (or you) so that we can make our products more interesting for you. Device identifiers can be generated randomly or put together from existing system information (such as IP address, browser version, operating system, and version, device type and settings, mobile device and advertising identifiers such as ID for Advertising (Apple), ID for Vendors (Apple), Android ID (Google), Play Store Ad ID (Google), ISDN numbers of subscribers to wireless services, wireless UIDH, public phone-connection data, mobile network data, and software data.

In general, cookies, similar technologies, and device identifiers can be used to make use of the websites, apps, and services of ESGAM or third-party providers more user-friendly and more efficient. This includes application of user settings, providing personalized environments (like personalized content and advertising), and linking users, devices, and accounts with each other. Some of these cookies only remain on your device until you leave the website, app, or service, while others save your settings and preferences as soon as you switch from one website, app, or service to another.

  1. What kind of cookies do we use and what are their features?

(see paper copy) -> applicable? If yes, all or only parts of it?

  1. Are cookies used by third parties and partners?

(see paper copy) -> applicable? If yes, all or only parts of it?

  1. How can you change cookie settings?

(see paper copy) -> applicable? If yes, all or only parts of it?

  1. Are cookies used by third parties and partners?

(see paper copy) -> applicable? If yes, all or only parts of it?

  1. Changes to the cookie policy

We reserve the right to occasionally update this cookie policy to reflect changes to our services and to regulatory obligations. We therefore recommend that you check the website and apps regularly. This cookie policy was changed the last time on [date].

The information and/or documents contained on this website represent marketing material pursuant to art. 68 of the Swiss FinSA and are provided for information purposes only. On request, further documents such as the basic information sheet or the prospectus are available free of charge whenever you wish. The products, services, information, and/or documents contained on this website may not be accessible to individuals domiciled in certain jurisdictions. Pleas not the applicable sales restrictions of the respective products or services.


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